Monday, October 3, 2011


With ref to GOI's proposel on putting cap for subsidised domestic LPG cylinders,the criteria which is planned,basis income tax payment and owning of house,2 wheelers etc is absurd.Income tax itself is requires reforms to suit current inflationery and cost of living expenses.Income tax slabs has not been revised much particulary after the high inflationary trends are seen for past 2-3 years.It has not consided the increasing fuel oil prices,cost of living index or the inflationery trend of basic food items including vegetables and fruits(and all the medics and articles on health says to keep servings of vegetables and fruits !).In such case linking income tax payment to subsidy is irrational.What is the logic where there are more depends to a single earner who pays income tax?The cap for supplying cylinders should also consider number of family members,their income and not merely on basis of income tax paid,owning a two wheeler or house.Hope subsidised cylinders will not be delivered as in line with Income tax paid.High tax full filled cylinder and low tax less filled cylinders.Should be going back to an age where every house hold has to collect the firewood?If so then where are we supposed to go?Is this a business oppurtunity for the food processing companies?Most probably a new food system is on the anvil?Food articles which can be eaten once in a day and provides energy for 24/48 hrs? OR AS A NORMAL HUMAN WOULD WE BECOME MORE CONSIOUS ON USING THESE RESOURSES resulting in a less polluted,optimally used resourses and making the world a better place to live !

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