Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 States-A Novel just like India romantic movies

Much acclaimed..much read new sensation Chetan Bhagat has given readers a new novel '2 states'.The title resembles Dickens 'tale of two cities',and the content...not to say much about it..Its just a Bollywood movie story sans masalas,songs and a villain who would abduct the heroine.Exception-the story is not set in the background of rich hero and a poor heroine or viz.Comes with an IIT and IIM-A tags.Heroine a south indian in marketing dept at HLL and hero a north indian Punjabi at Citibank. Once stage is set the usual villains comes in,as a clash between the Punjabi and Iyer cultures.Traditional vs Trends.Hero has a droubled family, heroine a traditional family..thanks that its not too traditional..atleast the heroines father is working as a banker ! .After all the confusions and troubles as every bollywood(rather every india movies of this genre) ends with a happy marriage.Yet 2 cities gives a glance of cultural difference of two regions and a little bit of funny things hero faces at a traditional brahmin marriage at Chennai.Book comes with a tag as story of his own marriage(so the story is not a imaginery one..FORGIVEN.)Can be read once not more than that..if you itch to read once more suggest see any India movies atleast it comes with songs,fights and ends within two and an half hour. Better Chetan should have wrote a text book or a case study for IIM/Management grads titled 'Cross culture management - a case study on my marriage' !


  1. Ya... Ive read 3 mistakes of my life by Same author. Felt the same.. good masala novel that can be easily made to movies. a good oppertunity to make some quick money, isnt it?

  2. Quick money,quick fame and tap a big market of 'self help (only) book readers'-who gets a break from their regular readings.Practically Chetan Bhagat puts what he studied at IIM.